The Cumbria Lichen and Bryophyte group is a self-study group for everyone interested in learning, recording, conserving or simply enjoying Cumbria’s lichens and bryophytes (regardless of experience) .

Please join us on a field trip and share your experiences with us on the Cumbria Lichens and Cumbria Bryophytes Facebook groups.

Here are our most recent blog posts:

  • Fell End Clouds trip report – 15-09-21
    The morning mists melted away as a select foursome met by the Fell End Clouds quarry. Previous visits by lichen recorders had concentrated on the area nearest the road, so we decided to aim high; to head for the old metal mines and eastward squares with few or no records. Of course, things didn’t quite […]
  • Kirkstone Pass trip report 24/8/21
    Bryophytes Kirkstone pass car park seemed busy when we arrived, with people unloading bikes and setting out on walks. It was a lovely sunny morning, but with some lingering mist above the pass. We were a small group, mainly lichen fans, so it seemed I’d be the only one looking at bryophytes. As we set […]
  • Cross Fell, August 2021
    Caz Walker and I like Umbilicaria spp and other montane lichens, so looking for the only English record of U. hyperborea on Cross Fell in the Pennines was a challenge we couldn’t resist. Two problems: (1) there were no accurate grid references and (2) it is a long walk in so there might not be much […]
  • Eolas: gaining local lichen knowledge
    2020 was a difficult year. Covid disrupted the usual routines; courses and face-to-face meetings were cancelled; injury affected lots of things too. Thank goodness for lichens! Shortly before the first lockdown began, Chris Cant produced maps of lichen records in Cumbria, including the number of records for each square. So many squares had no records… […]
  • Carrock Fell trip report 22/7/21
    This trip took place during a spell of extremely hot and dry weather, but a few brave souls still turned up.  It was too hot to do very much, and the bryophytes would be very dry, so we set off in one group up the steep path to Carrock Fell.  Most of us made it […]