The Cumbria Lichen and Bryophyte group is a self-study group for everyone interested in learning, recording, conserving or simply enjoying Cumbria’s lichens and bryophytes (regardless of experience) .

Please join us on a field trip and share your experiences with us on the Cumbria Lichens and Cumbria Bryophytes Facebook groups.

Here are our most recent blog posts:

  • Great How trip report 18-12-2021
    Great How is a small (c330m) but imposing hill at the north end of Thirlmere – map. It’s part of the Thirlmere Woods SSSI, designated for Atlantic bryophytes, with a mix of oak, hazel, birch and ash trees. It was last assessed by Natural England in 2009 when its status was “Unfavourable-Recovering”. Almost all the […]
  • Protoblastenia
    Lichens in the Protoblastenia genus are all saxicolous crusts with orange apothecia; they are found on limestone with P. rupestris also widespread on mortar or concrete.  There are three common species: Protoblastenia incrustans: small immersed fruit to 0.5mm wide; empty pits found. More info on this species Protoblastenia rupestris: green/grey areolate thallus, with fruit to […]
  • Glencoyne trip report – 18-11-21
    Lichens A group of four lichen and eight bryophyte people met beside Ullswater to walk up into the Glencoyne valley on a breezy, overcast but largely dry day. Kerry, the trip leader, had surveyed this spot before and noted several old ash trees supporting colonies of the important Atlantic woodland lichen Lobaria pulmonaria, warranting further […]
  • Coniston Coppermines trip report – 17-10-21
    The Coniston Coppermines area is part of the Coniston Mines and Quarries SSSI, designated for its volcanic geology which has produced veins rich in metals, especially copper. These have been mined over centuries, leaving a landscape of spoil heaps, walls and derelict buildings. Specialist metallophyte lichens grow here on a variety of substrates that might […]
  • Fell End Clouds trip report – 15-09-21
    The morning mists melted away as a select foursome met by the Fell End Clouds quarry. Previous visits by lichen recorders had concentrated on the area nearest the road, so we decided to aim high; to head for the old metal mines and eastward squares with few or no records. Of course, things didn’t quite […]