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Acrocordia gemmata – Naddle Forest – 2021-03-12

Ash. Thallus: green, cracked. Perithecia to 0.5mmm some popped off. Spores: some brown, ellipsoid, perispore, 17.6-22.4×7.2-8μm

Anisomeridium biforme – Naddle Forest – 2021-03-12

Perithecia: to 0.4mmm some popped off. Spores: 10.4-11.2×5.6-6.4μm, 0-1-septate. Pycnidia: 75μm: conidia: mostly -1.5μm

Bryobilimbia hypnorum – Knipe Scar – 2021-04-04

Limestone pavement. Sax+Bry. Apothecia: black, with thin, black margin, flat but contorted, width to 0.8mm. Violet granules turning K+ green in hymenium. Spores 13.6-17.6×4.8-6.4μm. Paraphysces bulging at tips.

Bryobilimbia sanguineoatra – Naddle Forest – 2021-02-13

Oak. Cort+Bry. Apothecia: 0.4-0.6mm, red-brown to brown. Granules in hymenium turning K+green. Spores: simple, elliptical, not warted, 9-15×4-5μm

Micarea alabastrites – Naddle Forest – 2021-03-12

Apothecia: white, 0.2-0.7mm, C+ red. Spores: 3-septate, 17.6-24×4-5.6μm. Hymenium: 50μm. Algae: 5-6.5μm

Opegrapha vulgata – Naddle Forest – 2021-03-12

K-. Thallus brown and cracked in part. Lirellae to 1.5mm long. Spores: 27-40×3.2-4.8μm. Conidia: curved: 11.2-14.4×1-1.5μm

Trapelia coarctata – Naddle Forest – 2021-03-20

Apothecia: to 0.6mm, with thin thalline halo. Ascii: 8 spores. Spores: 14.4-19.2×8.8-9.6μm